The Best Way to Light Up Your Divine Kitchen Renovation

The Best Way to Light Up Your Divine Kitchen Renovation

Are you looking for the BEST way to light up your kitchen? Well you have come to the right place! Divine Renovations has all the answers to your kitchen lighting concerns below:

Kitchen lighting rule number 1: Kitchen lighting needs to be function and energy efficient – the best way to do this is to make the most of your own natural kitchen lighting. This way, you wont need to flick that light switch in the daylight hours saving you money! Not only is it a money saver – it looks great.

Kitchen lighting rule number 2: Use LED lighting. LED lighting not only looks great, and can task light up your kitchen space effectively, it’s also highly energy efficient and its lifespan is far longer than the average light bulb. On top of this, LED lighting comes in many different shapes and colours, and is flexible in terms of design and construction.

Kitchen lighting rule number 3: Pendant Lighting. This is one of the most popular forms of kitchen lighting, not only does it look great it is 100% functional for your kitchen too. Center islands provide wonderful design opportunities for this kind of lighting.

Kitchen lighting rule number 4: Strip LED’s and Low Level Lighting. Strip lighting is another highly popular and functional way to light up your Divine Kitchen Renovation. This is because the strip lighting uses LED lighting technology, is concealed, functional, and is a great way to highlight a design feature in your divine kitchen. Under-cabinet lighting does a terrific job of providing task lighting for your kitchen.

For more information on how to LIGHT up your kitchen, please contact us on 07 3351 2355 today.

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