Our goal is to simplify the construction process for you. Together we partner with you every step of the way, from site acquisition, design, completion and on-going maintenance for years to come. Below we have outlined the typical steps:

We use our long standing relationships with Brisbane real estate professionals to help you find the perfect site.

To confirm that your desired project is feasible we’ll do everything from bringing in consultants, such as soil and pool engineers, and flying a drone to validate the views, to reviewing building restrictions, easements and more. 

Divine has built strong working relationships with Brisbane based architects, draftspersons, interior designers and landscape architects.

Based on your proposed style and budget we will make introductions to a selected team of design professionals. At the completion of this stage a comprehensive Design and Specifications Proposal detailing the major components is produced allowing accurate costings to be produced. 

Using powerful software Divine is able to provide a detailed Building Proposal based on your Design and Specifications. This upfront pricing allows clients to decide if further design or specification adjustments are required.

On acceptance of our proposal Divine is contracted and a joint bank account is established allowing complete project funding transparency and eliminates financial risk for all parties. 

Using our preferred suppliers Divine will obtain specialist subcontractor and supplier quotes based on your approved Design & Specifications Proposal. You will receive a Decision Deadline Schedule at this stage so you clearly understand the cut off dates for key building and design decisions.

Once your project has commenced we will track all aspects of your schedule. Divine will track all expenses, including organise all subcontractor payments from a HIA (Housing Institute of Australia) approved joint client/builder bank account and provide detailed monthly reporting.

We will also coordinate all project supplier, materials and products, in addition to insurances and regulatory certifications.

Divine will handle all aspects of construction including coordinating all subcontractors, consultants, suppliers, building and government regulators resolving issues as they arise. Construction will be overseen by your Project Manager, who will be on site ensuring all work is done to specifications, using the highest quality building materials and techniques.
Our project close-out process includes a full inspection by Jim Attwood, your Project Manager and the client. Upon move-in you will receive a Project Completion Package with copies of all contracts, invoices, documents, manuals and warranties, as well as photographic documentation of your project.

Your relationship with Divine does not stop on your move-in day. You’ll enjoy a 7 year structural warranty as per building regulations for peace of mind.