Top 4 Timeless Kitchen Trends

Top 4 Timeless Kitchen Trends

Renovating a kitchen is an investment, and an investment that you don’t want to have to redo in five years. Some trends come and go, but the ones that never go out of style are found when design, functionality and space are intertwined. This doesn’t mean you can’t add your own style and personality though. Yes you can have it all – personality, style and functionality that will last a lifetime and add value to your property. So here are our top 4 timeless kitchen trends that can help inspire your next kitchen renovation.

White (or light neutrals)

White is easy and it just simply never goes out of style. It has multiple benefits for a room that makes it the most popular choice amongst designers and renovators. First it brightens up any room, as a colour associated with happiness and new beginnings it sure to invigorate any kitchen. White also opens up your space – especially beneficial for smaller spaces. It creates an allusion of space as it reflects light. Finally it’s a timeless kitchen trend as it’s adaptable to both your budget and taste.

Marble Countertops

Used for thousands of years, marble is a timeless classic that adds class and sophistication to any room – in particularly the kitchen. There are many functional advantages of marble including how it is naturally cool, heat resistant, durable and easy to find but the design advantage of marble is its capabilities to adjust to any shape meaning you can dress it up and down. A popular timeless kitchen trend it will outlast any fad trend.

Subway Tiles

Enduring almost a century in popular designs, Subway tiles are a cheaper, sleek and easily cleaned option for a backsplash. As an iconic design that originated in America that ceramic tile always looks classy and can be adapted to suit your style. It adds a classic touch to your kitchen, and as a timeless kitchen trend work cohesively with other design elements like countertops and cupboard.

Multifunctional Space

Finally, making sure you have an adaptable, spacious area is key to any good kitchen. This includes have spacious bench tops to work on or having smart storage (storage never goes out of style). One of the big ticks when designing a kitchen in functionality – there is no point of having a stunning kitchen but not be able to work in there. Space and functionality are a timeless kitchen trend that will never go sour.

Our team at Divine Renovations have years of experience with designing kitchen and know how to design a stunning, timeless kitchen that won’t date.

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