What to Consider Before You Start Your Kitchen Renovation

What to Consider Before You Start Your Kitchen Renovation

Before you start your kitchen renovation with Divine Renovations, consider how you want to use your space. Do you entertain your friends and family frequently? Which appliances and tools do you use the most? What do you like to cook and how often? What are your budget constraints? Considering these questions and gaining an idea of what you want from your kitchen can help draft design ideas to deliver you the very best outcome.

Budget: What can your budget allow?

Creating innovative spaces to fulfil your needs can prove costly. Have you considered your budget yet? Which features do you definitely want to include in your kitchen and which push the budget too far?


Cabinetry: draws versus cupboards?

What items do you use most frequently when cooking? How and where do you store them? How many drawers and cupboards should you allocate for yourself and your tools? Would you prefer soft closing cabinets, or standard?

Entertaining Features: what’s necessary?

Do you plan to use for entertaining friends and family every weekend? Should you include a seated island bench? Do you need a larger sink to accommodate them? How much bench space should you leave for yourself for preparation?


Style: do you prefer disguised appliances?

Depending on your taste in style, appliances such as dishwashers and refrigerators can prove unsightly. Consider what you prefer for your home, and whether you’d like to hide appliances or leave them to be seen. Remember to consider budget constraints around these features.


Materials: what colour palette do you want to use and which materials?

There are so many colours and materials to use in a kitchen. From soft earthy tones to strong blocks of primary colours. What feeling do you want your space to exude? Do you want a timeless room or a stylish entertaining space?

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